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TVA 14-003_Small Arms Repairer.pdfTVA 14-003_Small Arms RepairerCPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-042 Administrative Support Technician (OA).pdfTVA 13-042 Administrative Support Technician (OA)CPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-041 Logistics Management Specialist.pdfTVA 13-041 Logistics Management SpecialistCPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-040 Human Resources Assistant (Military).pdfTVA 13-040 Human Resources Assistant (Military)CPT Kenneth S Ola 
Recruiting Retention MPA 13-08.pdfRecruiting Retention MPA 13-08CPT Kenneth S Ola 
MPA 13-09 (NBC Team Member E4-E5 74D2O).pdfMPA 13-09 (NBC Team Member E4-E5 74D2O)CPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-039 Command Program Support Specialist.pdfTVA 13-039 Command Program Support SpecialistCPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-038 Fuel Distribution Systems Worker.pdfTVA 13-038 Fuel Distribution Systems WorkerCPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-037 Public Affairs Specialist.pdfTVA 13-037 Public Affairs SpecialistCPT Kenneth S Ola 
TVA 13-036 Resilience and Risk Reduction Program Coordinator.pdfTVA 13-036 Resilience and Risk Reduction Program CoordinatorCPT Kenneth S Ola 
DMA PA 13-01 DMA Security (Armed).pdfDMA PA 13-01 DMA Security (Armed)CPT Kenneth S Ola 
SF-144, Statement of Prior Federal Service.pdfSF-144, Statement of Prior Federal ServiceCPT Kenneth S Ola 
OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment.pdfOF-306, Declaration for Federal EmploymentCPT Kenneth S Ola 


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Guam Army National Guard